Monday, 14 December 2009

Mince Pies Redux - Funky Pastry

Ok, there's kind of a cheat with this, as I do use a shortcrust pastry mix bought from yonder shop, but I make it funky in a number of ways.

Following the instructions on the packet, but instead of using water with the mix, I use fresh orange juice; and I add a good teaspoon of ground ginger, and half a teaspoon of mixed spice and a pinch of ground nutmeg to the mix.

After you've mixed all that together and made your pie cases, you can spoon in your fantastical mincemeat mixture (see below) and cook it until cooked.

Let it cool down then sprinkle icing sugar on the top and eat using your hands and mouth.

Yummy mince pies. Yummy.